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Place grapes in container 

                     Crush to release juice

Wait for fermentation








Fermentation is a natural process that takes place. I want you to realize how basic wine making occurs.   We will show you how to taste wine in a way that is fun and non-pretentious. Do Not let anyone tell you what wine is good or bad.You are your own wine critic and you alone decide your likes and dislikes. There are thousands of wines in existence and hopefully you will be open-minded about them all. A wine that tastes terrible on its own may be fabulous when paired with certain foods.

Certainly wine, as a natural phase of grape spoilage, was "discovered" by accident, unlike beer and bread, which are human inventions. It is established that grape cultivation and wine drinking had started by about 4000 BC and possibly as early as 6000 BC. The first developments were around the Caspian Sea and in Mesopotamia, near present-day Iran. Texts from tombs in ancient Egypt prove that wine was in use there around 2700 to 2500 BC. Priests and royalty were using wine, while beer was drunk by the workers. The Egyptians recognized differences in wine quality and developed the first arbors and pruning methods. Archeological excavations have uncovered many sites with sunken jars, so the effects of temperature on stored wine were probably known.